Behind the doors of the Virginia Stone lab lies a world where science and nature harmoniously fuse into pure artistry.


A subtle magic exists within our process. Our master artisans have perfected the balance between green chemistry and culinary creativity, transforming the expected into the extraordinary.

Our Craft

Each Virginia Stone product is made fresh in house upon order. Slow-cooked with precision, exotic oils are folded into lush butters and infused with wild-crafted herbal teas, nutrient-rich juices, and potent vitamin complexes.

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A skincare formula is only as good as the quality of ingredients within. Our apothecary features an exotic diversity of raw resins, roots, leaves, beans, flowers and clays.

Life Force

A plant must retain its life force. Chemical farming practices, over-processing, and excess heat destroy its natural healing properties and render it dead. Virginia Stone employs non-GMO organic farming practices, natural filtration, and a "slow-cook" approach to protect the purity and essence of a plant.

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