Virginia Stone has joined forces with a community of like-minded conservationists and Fairtrade activists, supporting environmental and social sustainability initiatives around the world.


Virginia Stone is committed to sourcing its raw materials from small-scale family-owned organic farms. Supporting Fairtrade ensures premiums are shared amongst local workers and farmers, providing sustainable incomes, education, and support programs within their communities.


Virginia Stone has partnered with The Mother Africa Trust, founded in 2006 as a way to give back to the people of Zimbabwe. Mother Africa supports education, conservation, and cultural exchange through funding, equipment and supply donations, and volunteer eco-tourism.

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As a forward-thinking eco-ethical brand, Virginia Stone partners exclusively with sustainability-minded suppliers and organizations, working together towards a healthy future for our planet.

Green Vision

Incorporating a green philosophy, we contribute a portion of our product sales to environment rejuvenation projects, operate a sustainable lab, and offer plastic-free reusable packaging to minimize waste, water, and energy consumption.

Forest Conservation

Virginia Stone is passionate about protecting and preserving our disappearing forests. We plant a tree and wildflower seeds for every purchase, which provides shelter and food sources for bees, birds, and forest wildlife.

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We believe that all forms of life deserve respect and protection. We do not test on animals or support suppliers who do. Every Virginia Stone product is proudly vegan.

Wildlife Conservation

Virginia Stone has partnered with The Tikki Hywood Trust, founded in 1994 to protect endangered wildlife by utilizing conservation and education as stepping stones. The Trust implements a rescue-rehabilitate-release-research approach to safeguard the survival of at-risk species for future generations.

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