We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill –

As a forward-thinking eco-ethical brand, Virginia Stone contributes a portion of every sale to environment rejuvenation, wildlife conservation, and humanitarian projects.

For every Virginia Stone purchase, we will plant a tree and wildflower seeds to provide shelter and food sources for bees, birds, and forest wildlife.

The Mother Africa Trust

Virginia Stone has partnered with The Mother Africa Trust, founded in 2006 as a way to build a better future for Zimbabwe. Created as a way for people to give back to both the environment and to the people of Zimbabwe. Mother Africa seeks to make a positive difference in education, conservation and cultural exchange. The trust hopes to achieve this through encouraging volunteer eco-tourism as well as sourcing equipment and materials for various projects.

The Tikki Hywood Trust

Ensuring the survival of endangered wildlife by utilizing conservation and education as stepping stones towards a future where humans live in harmony with wildlife. The trust fills a niche that is often overlooked in wildlife conservation, the preservation of species that lack the charisma and appeal of the larger, more publicized rare animals. Through the formation of the trust, the smaller lesser known and often more endangered wild species are given a voice.

The trust has an expansive view of conservation and preservation of all species and therefore also ardently campaigns for the cause of animal welfare and conservation worldwide.

The Ethandweni Children's Home

A community based orphanage, providing care for orphaned children with no available support. Many have been orphaned by AIDS and carry the virus themselves. The children are raised in a caring and holistic environment aiming to bring out their full potential. The home is designed to have a minimal environmental impact, running on solar power and growing its own food with over 2 acres of lush vegetables and fruit trees. The children often arrive at the home malnourished, sick and traumatized. Basic care, medical attention, improved diet and love can make a huge difference.

The home is funded solely on donations. $33 (US) per month provides a child with food, clothing, schooling and a loving home for an entire year.